3B Controls Ltd manufacture and supply Low pressure and vacuum relief valves, breather valves, emergency vents, manways, flame arresters, Gas Blanketing valves, gauge hatches, free vents, rim vents, flame arresters and Pilot Operated relief valves.

Valves are exported throughout the world, deliveries offered to suit our customers varying requirements. For urgent orders we can despatch in days rather than weeks. Valves are manufactured in a variety of materials aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics, hastelloy and specialist coatings.

Steam jackets, proximity switches and cold weather service are some of the options available to our range of equipment.

What industries do we serve?

Wherever there is a demand for bulk liquid storage there will be a requirement for our products. For example, Fuel storage, chemical production, Pharmaceuticals, food & drink, and Renewable energy (Biogas).

pressure relief valves

Pressure Relief Valves

The Valves ensure that tanks and vessels are kept safe during periods of excessive pressure and / or vacuum caused by filling and emptying of product and changes in temperature due to climatic or external fire sources.

Emergency Relief

The valves ensure that tanks and vessels are kept safe during periods of excessive pressure due to external fire sources and also allows access to the tank for Inspection / cleaning purposes.

Gauge Hatches and Vents

The hatches are designed to provide access to tanks and vessels for sampling, measurement and inspection whilst also allowing for free venting to atmosphere if required.

Flame Arresters

Specialised Flame Arresters designed to prevent the passage of flames in storage vessels and pipelines carrying flammable gases and vapours.

Gas Blanketing

Specifically designed to allow full gas blanket pressure supply pressure directly to the tank or vessel, reducing blanketing gas losses to a minimum.


Specialised range of Biogas safety equipment, used in sewage treatment, landfills, food processing plants etc where anaerobic digestion is used for solid waste treatment.