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B700 Rim Vent

The B700 rim vent is designed for installation onto storage tank roofs, in order to facilitateĀ  pressure relief to the roof and seals if the tank is empty or being filled or if the roof is landed.

  • Open vent Weight Loaded
  • Standard Pressure settings + 22 oz/in2
  • Size 6″ ( 150mm ) API Female thread
  • Standard body materials – Aluminium
  • Standard trim material – Stainless steel


Low cost maintenance
Lightweight design provides easy handling whilst interchangeable components ensure standard parts are easily replaced

Testing / Quality
All products are factory tested and fully certified.

Primarily used as a Pressure relief vent on floating roof tanks.

Self Draining
All products are designed so that any condensate drains away from seating areas.

* All products are subject to continuous development and subsequently 3B Controls reserve the right to change specifications outlined in this catalogue without notification.

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