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B150 Closed Vent

Closed vent Weight Loaded

  • Standard Pressure settings + 2 mbarg to 100 mbarg
  • Standard Vacuum settings – 2 mbarg to – 60 mbarg
  • Size range 2″ ( 50 mm) – 12″ ( 300 mm )
  • Standard body materials – Aluminium, Carbon steel, Stainless steel
  • Standard trim material – Stainless steel
  • Diaphragm material – PTFE
  • Removable seats
  • Standard full form flanges – ANSI / DIN / JIS / Specials
  • Lightweight design
  • Steam Jackets
  • Proximity Switches to indicate pallet lift
  • Tri clamp / screwed connections available
  • Alternative materials for hazardous applications
  • Non standard applications consult factory


Low cost maintenance
Lightweight design provides easy handling whilst interchangeable components ensure standard parts are easily replaced.

Testing / Quality
All products are factory tested and fully certified.

Self Draining
All products are designed so that any condensate drains away from seating areas.

Low leakage
Standard seating design ensures minimum leakage of less than 1 scfh at 90% of set pressure.

Internal Parts
Internal parts are stainless steel as standard. Non standard materials available upon request.

All valves are supplied with full form flanges to meet individual requirements. Other connections are available upon request.

Non Standard Applications
There are numerous options available for special applications. Exotic materials such as Hastelloy and various plastics can be offered to suit the most hazardous of environments. Special coatings can be applied for extreme service. For low temperature duties, internal parts can be PTFE coated to prevent seizure.

See separate section in catalogue.

* All products are subject to continuous development and subsequently 3B Controls reserve the right
to change specifications outlined in this catalogue without notification.

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