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Automatic Drip Trap – 245 Series

The 245 Series are designed for continuous collection and safe removal of condensate from low points in gas piping


The Varec Biogas 245 Series Automatic Drip Traps are designed for continuous collection and safe removal of condensate from low points in gas piping.

Continuous removal of condensate from the vapor recovery piping system is recommended to protect piping and equipment from possible damage caused by corrosion and water hammer. In addition, water lying in low spots in piping can restrict gas flow and increase pressure drop.

Please note that this style of automatic drip traps should be used only in “filtered” gas service. Dirt and particulates in the system may cause the drain opening to become clogged. In addition to all low spots, Varec Biogas drip traps should be installed frequently along horizontal piping runs.


Varec Biogas 245 Drip Trap is designed to remove condensate automatically by utilising a float operated needle valve. When condensate accumulates in the drip trap reservoir, it lifts the float which is connected to a lever arm. The lever operates the needle valve to drain the condensate.

The unit is designed to prevent gas from escaping while draining. The float is positioned within the reservoir so that the needle valve closes when the liquid level is still above the outlet port.

Standard materials of construction are corrosion resistant low copper cast aluminum body and cover, with stainless steel internal working parts. Inlet and outlet connections are 1-inch NPT. Condensate reservoir capacity is 2.0 quarts (1.9 litres). A drain plug is provided to permit manual draining of the reservoir. Maximum working pressure is 25 psig (172.5 kPa).

Design Features:

  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Construction
  • Automatic Float Operated Needle Valve
  • 2 Quart Capacity
  • 25 psig (172.5 kPa) Working Pressure

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