Flame Arresters

Flame Arresters are passive devices used as protection against explosions by preventing the transmission of flame and explosion transfer to plant, process and machinery.

Whenever there is a possibility of a gas air mixture being exposed to an ignition source which could be, naked flames, lightning, faulty electrical equipment even the spark caused from tools or equipment coming into contact with local plant can cause an ignition.

The development and construction of our Flame Arresters is based on the proven and reliable principle of the “Flame Extinguishing Gap”. This principle is enacted by dry flame barriers which are made of metal foil cells (stainless steel as standard) with a defined gap width, in various configurations, depending on the process requirements.

3B Controls Ltd supply Flame Arresters to cover all applications from Group 1 methane applications to group IIC Hydrogen, because of the precise element manufacturing process accurate M.E.S.G dimensions can be guaranteed, which in turn guarantees total plant safety when using our Flame Arresters.

Inline and end of line Deflagration and Detonation configurations.

Size range: 1/8” (DN3) to 16” (DN400), flange configurations ANSI /DIN.

Element material 316 Stainless steel. (Other materials consult factory)

Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloy (consult factory)

End Of Line Deflagration

Endurance Burn

In Line Deflagration

In Line Detonation