What Is Biogas?

Biogas is an environmentally-friendly, renewable energy source.It is produced by harnessing the natural energy from organic matter, such as Food and animal waste. This process is called Anaerobic Digestion, which is achieved by processing the waste in an enclosed environment devoid of Oxygen.

Biogas consists mainly of Methane and Carbon dioxide, with smaller amounts of Hydrogen sulphide and Silohexanes. Where such process is taking place there is a need to control this production and also protect the environment and people from the potential hazards.

With the ever increasing demand for renewable energy, the need for reliable high quality safety products is essential.

How to protect your Biogas tank

cow horn set up for biogas safety

3B Controls have been manufacturing valves for digester tank systems for over 18 years, offering solutions to common requirements by Water industries such as, remote valve pallet lift indication, in situ pressure testing ports, and easy lift body lugs.

Unlike atmospheric storage tanks for conventional fuel storage, biogas production maintains a processing pressure which is close to the required set point of the digester breather valve. This is why it is imperative to ensure minimal leakage rates at the valve seat during normal operation.

The 3B Controls B100 biogas valve uses stainless steel lapped seats and double skimmed Anti static PTFE diphragms, ensuring high sealing and minimal leakage far within the requirements of API 2000 seventh Edition / ISO 28300.

3B Controls can offer the B100D valve with a complete cow horn arrangement including pipework, flame arresters and isolation ball valves.

What happens in an emergency?

B400D digester manway

During normal operation of a Digester tank the B100D biogas valve will relieve vapour and maintain a safe pressure within your system, however, should there be an emergency where the tank contents have foamed up and clog the 2 way valve system then the tank will over-pressurise and rupture.

The solution is an emergency relief manway, The B400D Digester Manway is designed to efficiently relieve vapour and foam during emergency conditions, protecting plant and the environment.

Stainless steel seats and anti static PTFE diaphragms are standard and ensure seat tightness and valve integrity at all times.

3B Controls can offer a complete cow horn arrangement including pipework, flame arresters and isolation ball valves.