3B Controls are a UK manufacturer of Low Pressure / Vacuum relief valves and storage tank equipment.

Offering solutions to Industries ever changing requirements 3B Controls have unequalled experience in providing products designed to satisfy the most challenging of environments.

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UK Based Low Pressure Valves, Vacuum Relief Valves And Storage Tank Breather Valve Suppliers

3B Controls Limited manufacture low pressure valves and vacuum relief valves‚ breather valves‚ gauge hatches‚ emergency vents‚ manwaysgas blanketing valves‚ storage tank breathers, pilot operated valves‚ flame arresters.

Valves are exported throughout the world on standard four week deliveries. Urgent requirements can be dispatched in days rather than weeks. PV valves are manufactured in carbon steel‚ stainless steel‚ hastelloy‚ aluminium and a variety of exotic alloys and plastics such as polypropylene. Steam jacketed valves are also available.

Distributors are actively sought in areas where the company has no representation. Safety relief valves and associated equipment are used in many diverse industries such as petro chemical‚ chemical‚ oil storage‚ gas‚ and petroleum. We offer a full complement of products for all storage tank requirements.

Worldwide Delivery And Global Support From A Leading UK Manufacturer

Exporting across the world, with deliveries offered to suit customers’ specific needs, leading UK manufacturer supply high quality PV and breather valves‚ gauge hatches‚ emergency vents‚ man-ways‚ gas blanketing valves‚ storage tank breathers, pilot operated valves and flame arresters.